Know the FUNDamentals
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Mission / 4-Level Concept: 

The Fund & Asset Management Officer Program is a Business and Administration Management Training Program for Fund Industry Professionals. With the great number of participating leading business experts the training program provides intense exchange of knowledge and experience and brings together investment fund professionals and industry practitioners on four different learning levels.


Fund Academy AG, Zurich


Thematic focus lies on the Swiss funds business (jurisdiction: Swiss fund law). In regards to contents and structure, the training is geared to market and product practice Switzerland. Training imparts basic knowledge of fund business in an understandable, comprehensible language. Contents in keywords: fund market Switzerland, objectives and benefits of funds, fund law and regulations, fund structures and categories (also funds for specific client segments), key figures, costs, fund linked portfolio management, overview and forms of collective investment schemes (including comparison to structured products).
Means of the tuition: press coverage of funds (daily and financial papers), fund information in the internet, fund prospectus, fund fact sheets, regulations and annual reports.

Objective of the training: 

Participants make themselves familiar with the variety of technical terms and definitions and get to know the fundamental context of the fund business (and other collective investment schemes). The following questions will also be answered: How can a recommended, promising investment vehicle be analysed? What are the related risks? Is the promised performance reliable?
Special attention to expression (explain something in own words) and ability to draw facts in a simple way.

Target group / requirements: 

Suitable for product and operations management, client and investment advising, fund marketing, distribution, administration, custody, assistants in the area of the investment funds business or career changers (banks, fund management companies, insurance companies, asset management, fund representatives etc.)
Basic knowledge in banking and finance is helpful.

Follow-up training: 

Fund Compliance & Operations Management FA (realisation Fund Academy)


Lead and organisation: 

Sandra Weisstanner-Greutmann, Fund Academy AG, Zurich (phone 044 211 00 13)


Certificate / Diploma: 

Know the FUNDamentals FA
Precondition: attend all modules and successfully pass the test

Date Time Duration Location No. of Training Description of course   Registration
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FA Atelier Pratique Legal / Compliance Genève

FER, 12.4.2018

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17.4.2018 Zürich 
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Fund & Asset Management Officer Concept (4-Level-Program)

Legal / Compliance / Risk / Operations & Strategic Management Excellence for Fund & Asset Management Industry Professionals (engl.)

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