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Together with your company we develop specific in-house training solutions on different levels and topics. Furthermore, we offer consultancy services in the area of teaching material, examination and certification.

Training languages are German, French or English.

We are pleased to offer you solutions tailored to your needs. Please feel free to contact us! info@fund-academy.com

Our clients are Swiss and foreign banks and insurance companies as well as financial service providers, distribution firms and asset management companies.

Reference list

FA Atelier Pratique Legal / Compliance Genève

FER, 7.6.2018

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Friends of Funds

26.6.2018 Zürich
5.6.2018 Genéve

Fund & Asset Management Officer Concept (4-Level-Program)

Legal / Compliance / Risk / Operations & Strategic Management Excellence for Fund & Asset Management Industry Professionals (engl.)

PDF   Fund & Asset Management Officer Portrait